Is Christian Recovery The Best Choice For You?

Studies have shown that people who choose a faith-based (Christian) approach to addiction recovery are more likely to avoid relapse and stay sober. The Christian Program at Transformations Treatment Center is composed of professionally trained clinicians who are committed Christians. Individuals in treatment and their families can be assured that our treatment will not conflict with Scripture. Our staff is dedicated to providing Christ-centered counseling and the integration of sound psychological practices in the recovery process. We provide individualized care and group therapy to treat the entire person physically, psychologically and spiritually.


What does a faith-based program offer?


Transformations Treatment Center offers a number of faith-based courses of treatment, counseling and study. These include:

·       Where is the image of God In You– A course of study which addresses defects of character in scriptural/Godly ways. (Adapted from Turning Point Ministries)

·       Twelve Step Christianity – Group meetings which discuss the Christian roots and application of the twelve steps from a Biblical perspective. (Adapted from the work of Saul Selby)

·       Grace Walk– Individuals learn to enjoy life the way God intendeds it to be, free from things that get in the way of a believer’s walk with Christ. (Adapted from the work of Steve McVey)

·       Spiritual Principles for Christians– This curriculum addresses the spiritual principles and how a believer can use them in their everyday walk with the Lord.

·       Christian gender groups– Discussion groups designed to address men’s and women’s issues in today’s world. Group topics vary from week to week.




Heaven is full of answers to prayers for which no one ever bothered to ask.

– Billy Graham


Across all religions and beliefs, faith and prayer are inseparable. Prayer is a fundamental part of each individual’s relationship with God.  Because at Transformations we believe in the power of prayer, every person is allocated time daily for reflections, prayer, devotions and study. Each individual chooses his or her own form of prayer, and this time provides them the opportunity to strengthen their relationship with God.


Receiving treatment for drug or alcohol abuse is a commendable decision and should be encouraged and supported.  When a person commits to getting clean and sober, a strong support network helps ensure success and decreases the risk of relapse.

The road to addiction recovery takes immense strength, courage, support and guidance.  At Transformations Treatment Center, we can help you. Our homelike residences help us provide a safe and serene campus environment. Transformations’ skilled therapists, their individualized approach to therapy, and our holistic rehabilitation philosophy make this unique addiction treatment center a major improvement over other treatment centers.  While others address only the addiction, we help heal the mind, body and spirit of the recovering person.

We know you’re in pain. We can help.